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Posted by Kate Keller

For over 20 years my mother did genealogical research on our family lines. When she entered a nursing home I inherited all of her genealogy records. In going through those records I found some articles on people that I can't find a family connection to. Also, as I have been going down the genealogical road I have amassed a number of obituaries, documents, newspaper articles, etc. of people who are also not related to me. I thought I would share them here and maybe somebody would read them and go "Hey, those are my relatives!" or "Hey, I know somebody who might be interested in that information." The items will be sourced where possible. Hopefully YOU will find a Genealogical Treasure here!

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Nice blog! I’ve added it to the blog list at Geneabloggers – I will also highlight it in my weekly This Week’s New Geneablogs post on Saturday March 14, 2009.

Check out the Geneabloggers Welcome Wagon for lots of info: http://www.geneabloggers.com/geneabloggers-welcome-wagon/

And if you need technical help, I run a tech blog for bloggers: http://fbbootcamp.blogspot.com


Thomas MacEntee

March 13, 2009 at 3:42 PM

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